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Holy Basil is Recognized as Ageless Medicine

Holy Basil is also called Tulsi in an English Name and Sanskrit.  Since there are various healing effects in Holy Basil, it has been used over thousands of years by Ayurveda of India.  The present condition is that do not permeate the general public yet and existence of Holy Basil is not recognized in Japan.

Furthermore, it is thought that it is Adaptogens: which balances different processes in the living body mentioned by the ancient Ayurveda literature Caraka‐saṃhitā, and the adaptation to stress is helped.

It is especially mentioned by the strong perfume and convergence action, and in Ayurveda, it is regarded as a kind of "ageless medicine", and even if it is believed that a life is developed, it is.



Ayurveda is for India 5000 years

AYURVEDA is the traditional medicine of the India, and the name is Sanskrit "Ayus (vitality, life)" and a compound of "the Veda, knowledge, and study."

Not only the medicine as used in the field of the present age West but the concept of the wisdom of a life, life science, and philosophy is included.  It is supposed that there is about 5000 years of history, it is said that the Tibet medicine, the medicine of ancient Greece and Persia, etc. were affected, and the
India astrology and Ayurveda also have deep relation.

It has set on the basis of "Vaisesika" and "Sāṃkhya." Now, it is used as an alternative of Western medicine in every corner of the earth.



Spread Holy Basil Over to Japan


Those who "Holy Basil" who is a blessing from wonderful nature has not spread in Japan yet, and know are only people of some limited desires for nature very much.

It is due for a Japanese Holy Basil Association is established to spread this "Holy Basil" all over to Japan as a non-profit organization, and to work so that it may become an aid which makes tomorrow's Japan fine from the heart healthier more.


Mrs Akie Abe is a member of director, as a supporter of JHBA

Lately, the director of "Japan Holy Basil Association" has been assigned to me and is scheduled to work.   Although I have heard that "Holy Basil birth festival" is held on June 14 every year in India. Eventually the birthday of a husband and Shinzo Abe's mother is also the same day, and it is on June 14. 

I am feeling a wonderful edge that a mother's-in-law birthday is the same as the day of a holy basil birth festival.


Even if the history of what 100 and what 1000 years is screened, in addition, holy basil of India love earnestly is a genuine article rightly.

Although there are many medicine and cures, after we ourselves can use for our health care administration, there is no such wonderful thing, without Holy Basil being afflicted by right ticket and side effects.

Mrs Akie Abe & Mr. Taiji Oya


Holy Basil neutralizes a toxic substance in the ozone to emit, and tells it that there is work which purifies air.  Since it is that it is also pleasant to touch green and a great scent vivid to the eye of Holy Basil, it is being wished I would like to send energy and health to you of the Japan whole country through potted plant activities.

Cultivating a plant in the high-stress present age, small time to touch gives grace to our heart.  I am joy seeing the rice which grows day by day, carrying out gardening, although the present hobby is also raising agrochemical-free rice.  Rich time can be calmly tasted by surely raising, while planting Holy Basil in a house and he enjoys himself also to you.





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